My Academy’s Special Place Brings Feng’s Eroge Series to a Climax This December

Sekai Project has announced the release date for My Academy’s Special Place. The final game in Feng’s Special Place trilogy will be available on PC (Steam) on December 15, 2023.

Special Place is a series of short, budget R18 visual novels that focus on the daily life of Youhei Nase. This young man has the luck of having multiple girls falling for him and getting intimate with them in each game.

The first one, My Girlfriend’s Special Place, covers his relationship with Fuyuka Akiyoshi, a childhood friend he met again under dire circumstances. Due to a big misunderstanding, he could end up being treated as a molester and decides to collaborate with the girl, acting like her servant. Eventually they get closer than that.

The second one, My Little Sister’s Special Place, is focused on Yukana Nase. After going to a trip together, the two siblings become a couple giving in to their base desires for each other.

The final title, My Academy’s Special Place, has two love interests instead. One of them is his older sister and teacher, Yaeka Nase, who’s a big slob and is often drunk at home but really cares deeply for her students. The other is the exchange student, Maika, who’s Youhei’s classmate and a big fan of Japanese pop culture.

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