Mecha Visual Novel ‘Muv-Luv Integrate’ Revealed as New Sequel

Developer âge announced during an official Livestream that they have been working on a new entry in the Muv-Luv series titled Muv-Luv Integrate.

The stream was hosted by the creator of the series, Yoshimune Kouki, who stated that this new project will be a sequel to Muv Luv Alternative. Muv-Luv Integrate has been in the works for a while, but it has never been confirmed as a proper sequel. Kouki-san will be returning to the project as the mecha designer as well so players can expect this to include mecha action as seen in Alternative.

The inspiration behind this project was inspired by Gundam’s Tomino and how it gathers together the previous Gundam series into what is Turn A Gundam. With a title like Integrate, this could be a reflection of what will happen in this new entry.

However, sadly, it’s not totally set in stone that this game will ever release. Kouki-san doesn’t have a publisher for the project and might have to fund the project by himself. Currently, there is no release date or platform announced for release, but each of the previous titles is available on PC and PS Vita.

Kouki-san will continue to update fans on his project with a new stream planned for the end of 2019. Hopefully, the developer has some publishers eager to work with them after seeing the success the series has had in the west.

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You can watch the Livestream below:

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