Narrative-Driven Adventure ‘Mutazione’ Release Date Revealed in Launch Trailer

Developer Die Gute Fabrik and publisher Akupara Games announced that their narrative-driven adventure game Mutazione will launch on September 19 on PlayStation 4 and PC-via Steam for $19.99.

Referred to as a “mutant soap opera”, we had the chance to check it out briefly during PAX West 2019, and to be honest, the whole “mutant soap opera” thing is surprisingly true. Let us explain…

In Mutazione, players will join 15-year-old Kai who ventures off to the isolated, mutant-filled community of Mutazione in order to care for ill grandfather, Nonno. No, no this isn’t going to be a nurse simulator of some sort, there will be plenty of adventuring to do. Whether it’s making new friends, discovering scenic hangouts, uncovering long-hidden secrets, or helping restore balance to the community by planting and customizing magical musical gardens, players can expect to go on a spiritual journey in Mutazione. This journey won’t be aimless, however, as players will need to save everyone from strange darkness at the heart of the Mutazione community.

Hannah Nicklin, newly appointed CEO of Die Gute Fabrik, shared, via a press release, what Mutazione is really all about: “Mutazione is a character-driven game about a community. It’s about how we live together; how lightness and darkness exists within all of us, and how every action we take has ripples that can persist for generations… It also has some jokes and stuff! It was an honour to pick up the writing and eventually the narrative design for the game, and I hope that you feel, as I do, that we’ve found something special here: a vibrant and engaging story about what it means to live together.”

Get a good look at Mutazione and its lush, hand-illustrated world thanks to the trailer and screenshots below:

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