Adventure RPG ‘Moth Kubit’ Coming to PC; New Trailer Highlights What a Working-Class Bug Does

Astrolabe Games announced they will publish the Helena Creative Studio-developed adventure RPG, Moth Kubit, on PC via Steam for a 2024 launch.

Moth Kubit tells the story of an ordinary working-class bug named Moth Kubit, who has just been promoted. However, he finds himself on a weird adventure through a megacorp to redeem himself, his friends, and the company before the “Final Process” takes place. The game outlines what it’s like to work at the Kafkaesque corporate building of insects and also features a unique battle system with multiple endings based on choices made throughout the game.

The gameplay is shown in a 2D top-down perspective as players navigate environments as Moth Kubit. Once, Kubit finds out about the Final Process, which is an event that’s supposed to change everything, it’s up to him to save the fate of his company and those around him. As you can tell, the story is a bit over-the-top in a satirical way.

Other game features are puzzle-solving quests and interacting with co-workers to advance the story. The combat system uses what is known as Love Sick Disorder (LSD). This happens during conversations, with Kubit needing to use his persuasion skills to overcome opponents because he doesn’t have physical strength. There’s also a thematic mini-game sequence that requires quick reflexes between dialogue.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Moth Kubit.

You can watch the trailer below:

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