Moss Book II Releasing For PlayStation VR in Spring 2022; New Gameplay Trailer

Moss Book II Releasing For PlayStation VR in Spring 2022; New Gameplay Trailer

Developer Polyarc has announced that their upcoming VR adventure title, Moss Book II, will be releasing for PlayStation VR in Spring 2022. Throughout this title, protagonist Quill still has her fair share of tribulations to overcome following the rescue of her uncle, Argus. Some manner of winged monstrosity is after her, but she supposedly has a plan to prevail and save the world from the terrors of the Arcane in the process.

You can view the Spring 2022 release window announcement trailer for Moss Book II below:

You can view the Quill animation insight video from Animation Director Richard Lico below:

You can view the Environment Art & Level Design video from Principal Artist Coolie Calihan below:

You can view the DevCom 2021 panel discussing more of Moss Book II below:

This title is the sequel to Moss, which tells the story of Quill, a young mouse hero who will work with the player to get through puzzles and environments. Quill is on a quest to find his uncle, and the player will need to help him wherever possible. The game last received DLC content in 2019, dubbed Twilight Garden. It added new puzzles, alternate weapons and armor, and various ways to interact with the characters.

This update also added a brand new chapter to the game’s story, which takes players to new environments to explore more of the world. During gameplay, players will discover portals that take them to the Twilight Garden, where they’ll be tested in new ways as a mysterious presence prepare you for the coming dangers.

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