Moonstone Island Trailer Highlights What it Takes for a Busy Alchemist to Find Love

Raw Fury released a new trailer for the Studio Supersoft-developed adventure life sim Moonstone Island in development for a 2023 launch on Nintendo Switch and PC.

The trailer highlights one of the features of the game, dating. During gameplay, players can interact with other villagers and befriend them for a possible romance. Through dialogue choices, they can improve their relationship with the townspeople to get closer to them.

Moonstone Island is described as an open-world, deckbuilding life-sim where players assume the role of a young alchemist starting their life on a floating island in the sky. This alchemist is skilled with using tools and understanding alchemical recipes, but they also have the ability to tame nature spirits. During gameplay, players will build their home in an attempt to prove themselves as a capable alchemist as they take on any dark forces that arrive.

Players can take part in resource gathering and item creation. Decks can be assembled to take on wild spirits and uncover the mystery of the world. During the night, social gatherings occur and players can talk with villagers, take on sub-event, and construct their home. The game is procedurally generated with over 100 islands to explore. Lastly, the team plans to have 100 spirits to battle and tame by launch.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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