Monster Taming-Metroidvania ‘Monster Sanctuary’ Gets PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC Release Date

Team17 announced that the Moi Rai Games-developed monster-taming adventure Metroidvania, Monster Sanctuary, will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on December 8.

Monster Sanctuary has been in the Steam Early Access program since 2019 but has received some positive feedback from players. Players will set out on an adventure to build a team of monsters and explore the world. Your quest revolves around becoming the ultimate Monster Keeper and also maybe solve the mysterious threat against the peace between humans and monsters, but Monster Keeping takes priority. The full release will highlight more of the story compared to the early access version.

Players can interact with the world as they take down walls using abilities, with a growing list of skills that include flight and extra power with their companions’ help. It’s possible to participate in 3v3 combat in-game, so forming a capable party should also be kept in me. Monster Sanctuary has an online mode that allows players to fight it out and gain experience to take back with them into their single-player game.

The publisher also released a new trailer that shows gameplay and some of the monsters added to your team.

You can watch the release date trailer for Monster Sanctuary below:

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