Capcom & Niantic Announce Monster Hunter Now September 2023; Reskinned Pokémon Go

Capcom and Niantic have recently announced Monster Hunter Now, a brand-new collaboration title for smartphones. And because it’s Niantic, it’s pretty much a given on what to expect–it’s Pokémon Go but with a Monster Hunter coat of paint. The game will be released on iOS and Android worldwide in September 2023. A beta version will be held on April 25th, with sign-ups available through the official website.

Monster Hunter Now is a new mobile game in the Monster Hunter series that offers players an approachable hunting experience that can be enjoyed as part of everyday life. In the game, players take on the role of hunters and embark on an adventure during which they hunt vividly lifelike monsters that appear in the real world.

The areas where players live are transformed into Monster Hunter forests and swamps, and the monsters that appear and the resources available in each of the areas are different. As in previous Monster Hunter games, players can hunt monsters that appear and obtain materials from spots such as bone mounds. These materials can be collected to strengthen the Hunter’s equipment and make the hunter stronger.

The number of weapon types that will be implemented was not announced, but according to Famitsu, a hands-on event was held at Shibuya Hikarie, and four weapons were available: the one-handed sword, large sword, dagger, and bowgun. The attacks, as well as special moves, vary depending on the weapon.

The Famitsu reporter tried out the light bowgun, and it is equipped with two types of ammunition: standard ammunition and shotgun shells. When the light bowgun is fully loaded, the ammunition is changed when reloading, and the player alternates between different ammunition to inflict damage.

To hunt, players just tap a monster on the map to start hunting. Controls include tapping to attack and swiping to evade, so the game can be played one-handed if you prefer. In addition, when the phone is turned sideways, the gyroscope can be used to aim and attack while hunting a monster. Whether you win or lose, a typical hunt won’t take long.

According to Capcom, they have tweaked it so that it takes at most 75 seconds to hunt a monster while still bringing the intense hunting experience that Monster Hunter is all about. Up to four players can go hunting with nearby players, and the more players are in the area, the more challenging the hunting experience becomes as the enemy’s strength and other factors increase.

Famitsu also shared several screenshots of the hands-on, which you can view below in our gallery:

The trailer for Monster Hunter Now can be viewed here:

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