Monster Crown Update Makes the Game Darker with New Story, Areas and Monsters

Content update #3 for the dark, Pokemon inspired RPG, Monster Crown has released today. This update features over 15 brand new monsters to tame, monster riding, a map expansion, as well as more story content.

Two new provinces, new cities and a mysterious cave open up on Crown Island. The story will lead players to the castle of the Empathy Kingdom where they will get to meet King Dania.

The prior 2 content updates for Monster Crown introduced other features like a new gene lab, monster trading, competitive battling opportunities and much more.

Monster Crown is a Pokemon inspired franchise, except far darker. In order to defeat an evil woman seeking power, players must hunt, breed, tame and battle monsters in order to restore balance to Crown Island. Monster Crown is currently an Early Access title on Steam that is receiving continual content updates with new features. It is expected to remain in Early Access for 6-12 months total. This purpose for this title being in Early Access is to aid the solo developer on improvements, bugs and possible fixes. In addition to that, the current build of the game contains only a third of the total story.

Monster Crown is on sale for $11.99 on Steam with a base price of $14.99.

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