Monster Crown Coming to PS4 and Xbox One Next Month

Developer Studio Aurum and publisher Soedesco have announced the release date for Monster Crown on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The indie monster catching RPG will be available on those platforms on February, 22, 2022 in physical and digital editions. The game has already been released on Switch and PC -via Steam- last year after an early access period that started on July 2020.

Monster Crown is a monster taming adventure with 200 monsters. As players walk around Crown Island, they have the chance to make pacts with those various creatures. However, it’s possible to breed and fuse them to create your own species. Besides the single player campaign, you can also go online to trade creatures and battle against other people.

One interesting aspect of the game is its story is supposed to be dark. In a world where those creatures are used by tyrants and heroes, players have a chance to impact the events of the world with a decision. Besides the moral aspect, the ending and post-game are altered depending on what the player chooses.

Battles in Monster Crown are turn-based in a one-on-one format like the Pokémon titles. On the graphic aspect, the game features 2D visuals with retro inspiration including colorful pixel art and more detailed portraits for the monsters during battles. This style is reminiscent of the classic titles of the monster-catching genre from the Game Boy era.

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