Monark Gets New Story Trailer Revealing English Dub and Gameplay

NIS America shared a new story trailer for the FuRyu-developed RPG Monark coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via Steam in early 2022.

The trailer highlights characters and gameplay as players get a quick intro to some of the allies within the game. However, it’s also touched on how players will need to keep these allies close as they traverse between the real world and the warped reaches of the Otherworld.

Additionally, the trailer reveals the English dub.

Monark takes place in Shin Mikado Academy, where the player character has just awoken. The academy lies beyond a barrier separate from the real world and is plagued by a Mist that can mentally overwhelm humans. Luckily, Daemonic powers reside in this world that can allow humans to survive, and you’ve just acquired the Authority of Vanity. From here, the player character and four others create the True Studen Council and fight against the darkness.

The gameplay features a balancing act between Authority and Madness where using Authority will raise your MAD Gauge. When at max, you will attack enemies and allies. Further, players will add six characters to the part with a free movement battle system. The academy grounds can be explored to connect to the Otherworld, which leads to solving mysteries.

You can watch the trailer below:

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