Momodora: Moonlit Farewell Announces January 2024 PC Release

Momodora: Moonlit Farewell Announces January 2024 PC Release

Playism and Bomb Service announced that their upcoming action-adventure game Momodora: Moonlit Farewell will launch for PC via Steam on January 11, 2023. A new trailer was shared alongside this news.

The title will feature gameplay focused on melee, dodging attacks, and firing distant arrows while also utilizing the Sigil system to enable play-style customization. Further, there will be adjustable difficulty levels, opening the game to various types of players.

Further, Moonlit Farewell takes place five years following the conclusion of Momodara III. Koho Village’s matriarch sends their most adept priestess, Momo Reinol, to investigate the ringing of a seemingly ominous bell heard in the distance. Demons have begun populating the premises, too, and the village denizens hope that apprehending the culprit behind this occurrence will protect the Lun Trees, their hub for vitality and restoration.

Momodara series creator, rdein, intends to “close the book on many of the past games’ mysteries and questions.” Still, this adventure will be enjoyable standalone as the narrative has never been a focal point of Momodara experiences. No release date or window has been provided, and only a Steam version has been confirmed.

Momodora: Moonlit Farewell last received a gameplay trailer in January 2022. We’ll keep you all updated on the eventual release of Momodora: Moonlit Farewell.

You can view the release date trailer for Momodora: Moonlit Farewell below:

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