Moero Crystal H Review – Can’t Get Enough Monster Girls

    Title: Moero Crystal H
    Developer: Compile Heart
    Release Date: September 17, 2020
    Reviewed On: Switch
    Publisher: EastAsiaSoft
    Genre: Dungeon Crawler RPG

I’m in the camp that if something is ridiculously over-the-top, you better go all out. Developer Compile Heart has done this in many of their games, but I feel like they save the most outlandish ideas for their Moero series. As a followup to the panty adventure, Moero Chronicle, players are once again taken on a journey of self-discovery and perhaps save the world along the way. Oh, who am I kidding? This is an ecchi game with only unmentionables on the mind.

Moero Crystal H introduces players to Zenox, who has just arrived at a strange town searching for his father. Overwhelmed by everything around him, he goes to a museum where a robbery has just occurred, and he is a witness to the crime. The item stolen is the Bra of Darkness, which has some amazing powers, mostly when used with the Panties of Light. After the event, the world breaks up into islands and is on the brink of destruction unless Zenox can recover the stolen item. However, he won’t be alone and will gain many new allies throughout his quest.

I will say that I never really like Zenox. I’m not a massive fan of the clumsy male who always seems to get lucky with the ladies, and yet doesn’t have any noticeable personality traits past that. Still, it makes it incredibly easy for the writers to show character growth, given that any change to his personality is far better than how he began. I liked that he is voiced, though, as it makes it easier to follow the character interactions.

Moero Crystal H 4

Aside from Zenox, players will encounter numerous monster girls to join the group. While some of them will participate as part of the main campaign, others can be found in dungeons. The process of getting them to join is similar to Moero Chronicle. During a fight with a monster girl, players will aim to break the character’s clothing, which initiates a climax mode. This has players tap on the girl who has been stripped down to their underwear in hopes to rid them of the darkness that plagued them. This mode has been slightly improved compared to its predecessor since it does a better job at relaying which parts of the girl needs to be tapped. In the event that you fail, you can always just try again without having to battle the character again.

Some new interaction scenes are introduced in Moero Crystal H. After a girl has been captured, she makes her way back to the inn where you can spend more time with them. These are actually the better parts of the story since they focus on the backstories of each of the girls. Furthermore, players can witness how they interact with the other characters during special scenes. There’s a shooting mini-game here where you can unlock new abilities for the girls, but I’ve got to say that it’s not the most entertaining mini-game. Sure, you get to shoot the clothes off of the girls, but after the seventh monster girls shooting gallery, you’re going to wish there was an auto function.

The shooting mode unlocks additional dungeons that contain special items and a peephole mini-game. These can be taken on as many times as you like and could easily be used for training. On the other hand, monster girls can also be trained in the town to become stronger. Creating a party requires players to use a balance of different elemental characters to take advantage of the enemy’s weakness. Each character will have a strength and weakness, adding a layer of strategy to the battles. Still, I seemed to only base my characters off of who I thought was the cutest, which made some battles more challenging than they should have been. The battle system doesn’t seem to have any significant UI updates, but there are several ways to get characters to strike first or take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses.

Moero Crystal H 1

A glaring issue with Moero Crystal H is that it’s almost too similar to Moero Chronicles. Aside from the reused monster girls, nothing has really been changed in terms of the battle systems or leveling mechanics. When traveling the dungeons, you’ll see the same copied and pasted layouts for the floor’s duration until you encounter a battle. The enemies in are also very similar to the first title with a few color swaps. I will say that there is a lot more to discover in these dungeons, such as alternate dimension areas and various gimmicks. After you raise the affinity with a character, they’ll unlock more abilities and be a huge asset to battles.

Moero Crystal H is a very lewd game in terms of its character illustrations and scenario writing. Still, I think the character designs are way better than what we got in Moero Chronicles, at least for the new original characters. This game really pushes what is acceptable to show and the imagery really pushes those boundaries to bear all. Throughout the game, players will acquire new underwear for the girls that can allow them to earn new skills and even access new elemental attacks. As you progress, it becomes more and more repetitive, but the game flow of catching monster girls never seemed to get old.

I will add that this is a game that needs to be played in handheld mode on Switch. Using a controller to scratch the girl’s sweet spots makes the entire interaction much more difficult. Thankfully, the game fully supports the touch screen of the Switch.

Moero Crystal H 2

Moero Crystal H borrows a lot from its predecessor to the point that returning fans may just feel like they are playing the exact same game. Still, it builds on what made the first entry so good and doesn’t take from its more sophisticated systems. Collecting monsters girls becomes the only real fuel for this adventure, but I don’t think it needed more than that. It’s entertaining to those looking for a mindless game and strategic enough to be a straightforward dungeon-crawler RPG. Regardless, I’m sure you knew if this game was for you within this review’s first few sentences.

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