Moero Chronicle Hyper Review – The Best Version of a Perverted RPG

Moero Chronicle Hyper Review – The Best Version of a Perverted RPG

So back in the day, I reviewed Moero Chronicle on PS Vita, I also reviewed it on PC, and now here I am reviewing it on the Nintendo Switch. Moero Chronicle has become a title that has followed me throughout my career covering video games and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. Strangely, it’s the only sequel in the series to come west after Monster Monpiece,  while the other titles don’t seem to be coming out of Japan anytime soon.

Moero Chronicle Hyper is the same experience that Vita and PC owners had with the game, with a few added benefits that might make it worthwhile. Being that I’ve played this game twice before, I wanted to see if returning fans would want to dive back into this world as well as if this is the definitive version for anyone that hasn’t played it. The good thing about Moero Chronicle Hyper is that it’s dungeon crawling RPG features are pretty deep, making this title more than skin deep.

Moero Chronicle Hyper introduces us to Io. His backstory mainly revolves around him being uncomfortable with sharing his passion for females in fear that he will be seen as a pervert. Without much of a build up, the mayor sends him on a quest to save the world and to take care of the increase in H-monster sightings as well as investigate why monster girls have been attacking humans. I can’t say that really I like Io given that he is a bit of a coward and would much rather not be on this adventure that he’s been thrown in to. I also can never get over his silly clothes. Being that this is a game that allows costume changes, I would trade all of that if only to change Io’s outfit and not see his belly button anymore.

The actual story of Moero Chronicle Hyper is okay at best, but most of the first hours of the game will be spent with the mission to obtain a fabric that will cleanse all the monster girls. It just so happens, that Io has a similar power to cleanse monster girls who have gone mad, but this requires him to be in direct contact with their, uhm, skin. The real antagonist of the story makes things a little more interesting, but trust me when I say that the main story in Moero Chronicle Hyper isn’t really anything too exciting.

With that said, there are character specific events in the game that are actually pretty decent. Over the course of the game, Io will be able to interact with the monster girls who join their party. More interestingly, these girls also interact with each other from time to time which shows different sides of their personalities. Each of the girls is unique in their own way and, while kept to a comedic tone, these events are the best thing that Moero Chronicle Hyper offers story wise. What’s impressive about it just how many monster girls there are and how the writing handles each of their anime trope-like personalities. Trust me, if you have a fetish, Moero Chronicle Hyper will have a monster girl that fits your preference.

Moero Chronicle Hyper 5

Gameplay revolves around exploring dungeons, fighting monsters, and purifying monster girls. Dungeons can get rather large, especially in the later regions where there are multiple floors and winding paths. The worst part about exploring dungeons is the extremely high encounter rate which gets more than annoying within the first hour. However, Moero Chronicle Hyper offers a handful of options that make getting through these battles easier, such as auto battle and speeding up time, but it doesn’t make the annoyance of taking one step after a battle only to enter another battle any less. Thankfully, the game has items that limit encounters, but I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. The good part about this is that leveling up is a natural thing that happens to your party on every floor so it’s rare to be under leveled during a boss fight.

During exploration, Io and the party will encounter monster girls. This triggers a special fight where characters will target specific areas on the monster girl’s body and destroy the clothing the protects the respective area. After the battle, the monster girl will be vulnerable to Io’s power to which he will begin the purification process. During this “bump and scratch” mode, players will need to poke, rub, and pinch parts of the monster girl’s body in order to cleanse them.

While the bump and scratch system is and what always had sold this game, I fell like the Switch offers the best way to play it. Using the Joy Con and new rumble feature makes these moments a little more interactive and hectic. It’s also possible to use the Switch touch screen, but I couldn’t find a comfortable way to hold the Switch in my hand during the mode as I did with the Vita. However, it doesn’t really hinder the fun of this feature.

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What’s most interesting about Moero Chronicle Hyper is that it is a pretty decent dungeon crawler RPG. The systems presented in the game have players equip the girls with different panties that unlock new skills and abilities while drastically changing their stats. This is true for each monster girl, which there are a lot of. Battles can be challenging and finding an elemental balance to your party is crucial if you hope to get through the later parts of the game. I honestly really enjoyed the RPG features that this game has and it goes deeper if you dive into the room customization as well as raising your affinity with each of the girls by giving them presents.

While the voiced audio tracks are hysterical and represent the characters well, the sound design of the game isn’t anything special. Dungeons change in theme, but they are pretty much cut and paste layouts. However, I find that I just stare at the minimap during these types of games anyway so it didn’t really affect my enjoyment of the game.

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Moero Chronicle Hyper has a lot of fan service and might be embarrassing to play in public, but as much as I’ve played this game on previous platforms, I had the most fun with the Switch version. The added rumble features and items made returning to the game feel a little new, but not much to say that anyone who has played this game should play it again. As silly as Moero Chronicle Hyper is, the deep customization and leveling up systems in the game is well balanced and fun for anyone looking for nice dungeon crawler RPG.

While the main story lacks any real plot, the character events unlocked throughout the game will offer enough backstory and character growth to players who require that level of storytelling to feel immersed in this zany world. Moero Chronicle Hyper is fast, fun, perverted, and easy to play in short bursts, so its new home on Nintendo Switch is a fitting place for it to get western fans into the series and hopefully get the sequels localized.

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