Moero Chronicle Hyper Gets New Dialog Screenshots Ahead of Next Week’s Launch

Idea Factory International released character details for their upcoming monster girl RPG Moero Chronicle Hyper, coming to Nintendo Switch on April 26.

The screenshots show in-game dialog between character shared between Io and the rest of the monster girls. During these scenes, players will be able to strengthen their relationship with the girls and get them to be as powerful as possible. Furthermore, adding new monster girls to the party unlocks additional dialog between a group of the girls to get a better understanding of their personalities.

Moero Chronicle Hyper has been designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch but will contain all the same artwork and CG scenes from the PlayStation Vita and PC release. Additionally, the version will include vibration function implemented in the “Bumping Scratch” session, new items that will increase stats, Autopilot mode that lets players travel through maps with a press on the display.

In case you missed it, you can check out the descriptions of the main protagonists to get an understanding of who they are. However, the story revolves around collecting panties so don’t expect much.

Moero Chronicle Hyper will launch digitally on Nintendo Switch eShop on April 26.

You can check out the in-game screenshots of dialog and environments below:

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