Comedic Visual Novel ‘Moe Era’ Gets Steam Release Date

Comfy Company announced that their free-to-play comedic visual novel Moe Era will release on PC-via Steam on February 4.

The visual novel is made by a small indie team eager to bust their way into the visual novel community with their first title. Moe Era is mainly aimed to be a cute visual novel that celebrates adorable themes of friendship. The game follows four heroines, Sima, Nana, Marta, and Teya, as they hang out and deal with the daily grind of life. The developer promises readers an intriguing story told over a non-linear narrative. Players will have access to eight routes within the game as they make choices during dialogue. There are five main characters, and over 40 CGs spread out across 25 backgrounds and 40 musical tracks.

Being the first title from the small team, there doesn’t seem to be planning to support voiced audio for the characters, but the game does have a fairly high level of visual quality. Players will be able to romance each of the heroines during the story and view some rather ecchi CGs, but there doesn’t seem to be any adult content available for this title.

We’ll be sure to update you if any more news about the title comes up, for now, enjoy these screenshots:

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