Mobius Final Fantasy Launches Final Fantasy VIII Collaboration for 3rd Anniversary

Square Enix launched a new collaboration event between their mobile RPG Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy VIII in celebration of the game’s third anniversary, available now on PC and iOS and Android devices.

The collaboration event will begin August 1 and last through November 1, giving players access to new story content and characters. During the event, players will be able to access Final Fantasy VII – The Sleeping Lion, which is an original storyline where Squall finds himself in a new world. After running into the cast of Mobius Final Fantasy, they’ll need to work together to unravel the secrets of this world’s SeeD.

Additionally, players will receive the Ultimate Hero – Squall and Revolver weapon just by logging in and entering the event. It’s also possible to upgrade the Revolver by playing through the event’s entirety.

There are new Echo Skins available featuring Rinoa and new Legend Jobs and Ultimate Skins for Graff and Meia through a limited-time banner. Players will also find a Supreme card, Griever: FFVII, to add to their collection.

More interesting content comes with the game using the Draw battle system from FFVIII where players will discover a new style of gameplay. By using the Draw command during battle, players can stock up enemy abilities and unleash them later. Also, players will earn regards based on their SeeeD Rank, which increases throughout the event.

You can check out the event illustrations below:

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