Mobile Tower Defense ‘LEGO Star Wars Battles’ Launches on Apple Arcade

Mobile Tower Defense ‘LEGO Star Wars Battles’ Launches on Apple Arcade

Lucasfilm Games and Warner Bros. Games have launched the TT Games Brighton and The LEGO Group-developed mobile tower defense strategy games, LEGO Star Wars Battles, on Apple Arcade.

LEGO Star Wars Battles melds the well-known aesthetics, characters, and vehicles seen in the LEGO Star Wars series, with 1-on-1 multiplayer battles taking place in real-time. Additionally, characters and vehicles from various Star Wars iterations can be mixed and experimented with in several builds to create mighty, intimidating armies. The game does feature a single-play mode against bots, but it is mainly for multiplayer matches.

Utilizing on the fly strategical thought is required to continually deploy troops to keep up with the tides of battle and destroy the opponent’s base. LEGO towers play a pivotal role by needing to be built for presumably defensive purposes.

Light and dark side armies are both usable, each boasting their own playstyles and adhering to the multi-faceted Force’s respective strengths.

LEGO Star Wars Battles is available now and can be played via iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. An Apple Arcade membership grants access to this and several other games for $4.99 alongside a month-long free trial. Other notable games, like the beloved Fantasian, are also exclusively available on this service.

You can watch the launch trailer below:

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