Mobile SRPG ‘The Alchemist Code’ Gets Attack on Titan Collaboration, Begins This Week

Publisher gumi Inc has announced that a new Attack on Titan collaboration for the mobile SRPG The Alchemist Code is happening and it’ll be starting soon, very soon.

From June 6 to July 3, players will get the chance to summon the highly-skilled and brave soldiers from the Scout Regiment based on the popular Japanese anime, Attack on Titan. Like a massive titan, the collab will be packing a serious punch as there’ll be a ton of content added, like iconic characters from Attack on Titan, an Attack on Titan quest, and much more.

Players can look forward to the following events and units during this collaboration:

Summonable Collaboration Characters
During this collaboration, players will get the opportunity to summon fice iconic characters from Attack on Titan and two new The Alchemist Code characters to aid the players’ quest to repel the Titan invasion of Babel.

Collaboration Units:
For a limited time only, recruit these four iconic soldiers of the courageous Scout Regiment from Attack on Titan:

  • Eren
  • Levi
  • Mikasa
  • Hange

The Alchemist Code Units:
Two new The Alchemist Code characters with captivating backstories will be available for the players to summon during this collaboration.

  • Judith
  • Bud

Free Units:
All players will receive Reiner once they completed the first Attack on Titan Collaboration Quest. Max out his abilities to unlock an immense power that will take your opponent’s down.

Collaboration Gear
Unlock character’s Master Abilities with their respective gear:

  • Eren’s Basement Key
  • Reiner’s Flare Gun
  • Levi’s Teacup and Handkerchief
  • Hange’s Googles
  • Mikasa’s Scarf
  • Omni-Directional Mobility Gear
  • Wings of Freedom

Collaboration Mementos
For a limited time only, players will get a chance to obtain two unique Attack on Titan collaboration Mementos – “Victorious Crimson Arrow” and “I Won’t Surrender to the Flames of Vengeance”. Upon completion of the Collaboration Quest, players will receive the “Victorious Crimson Arrow” Memento as a reward.

Original Collaboration Quests
During the collaboration period, players will get to experience an original collaboration story starring the cast of Attack on Titan working alongside The Alchemist Code characters. Join them as they work together to find the answers behind the cursed beasts and the appearance of the enigmatic Titans.

The Alchemist Code is free-to-play (with in-app purchases) on iOS, Android, and the Amazon App Store, and has been a huge hit across all platforms. As fans of Attack on Titan, we’re excited to zip right into The Alchemist Code to enjoy all that the collab has to offer.

Get a look at The Alchemist Code and Attack on Titan collab in action by checking out these screenshots below:

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