Mobile MMORPG ‘Naruto: Slugfest’ Opens Pre-Registration in the West

Mobile game company Mars Games formally announced 3D MMORPG Naruto: Slugfest, set to come to iOS and Android in Spring 2020.

Naruto: Slugfest lets players step into the world of Naruto: Shippuden right after Naruto finishes his training with Jiraiya. Four new playable characters have been introduced, the broadsword-wielding Earth Keeper, the medical pyromancer, Blazing Lotus, the high mobility and surprise attacking, Thunder Assassin, and the agile ranged attacker, Wind Shooter. Players will also be able to play as their favorite characters, such as Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura during missions.

Each character class will feature different skill trees and customizable gear, giving players the ability to create their ideal shinobi. The game’s world will also change over time, with weather conditions and time of day changing over time.

Players all over the world can come together to tackle Story Missions that follow the Naruto: Shippuden story, Team Missions, Chunin Missions, Ninja Scrolls, Tower Missions, and large scale guild wars.

The game has been developed with the blessing of the original Naruto IP holders, ensuring that players will get an authentic Naruto adventure.

Those interested in Naruto: Slugfest can pre-register for the game now on the game’s website to get an exclusive in-game gift when the game launches this Spring. Players can also pre-register for the game on the App Store or the Google Play store, though they will need to register on the game’s official website to receive the gift.

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