Mobile Looter-Shooter RPG ‘Relic Hunters Rebels’ Now Available for Netflix Subscribers

Developer Rogue Snail and Netflix have released Relic Hunters Rebels on mobile devices through Google Play and App Store. This is a new game in the looter-shooter franchise and part of Netflix catalogue of games. Though the game is free-to-play, only Netflix subscribers will have access to it.

Relic Hunters Rebels tells the story of four Hunters who join forces to fight against the oppressive force of the Ducan Empire. Only by reclaiming the Void Stone that is in the clutches of the Imperial Forces will they bring some semblance of peace back to the planet.

Playable characters were already introduced in previous games. They are: the shooter Jimmy, the donkey Ace, the warrior Pinkyy and the engineer Raff. Each of these characters have their own skills and stat differences which can significantly affect gameplay.

Besides the characters’ specific characteristics, players will get many materials and resources from battles. Using the loot to craft and enhance weapons will be an important aspect of Relic Hunters Rebels. It’ll be possible to improve the firing rate and damage but also to add projectiles and other cool functions to the guns.

If you’d like to see a little bit of the game in action, check out the official Relic Hunters Rebels launch trailer:


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