Mobile BL Game ‘NU:Carnival’ Reveals Tsundere Boy Quincy’s Voice In New Video

Developer Infinity Alpha and publisher SGArts have shared a new trailer for NU:Carnival. This time the video focuses on the Wood Clan’s Quincy, who seems to be a little on the tsundere side based on his attitude. The boys’ love RPG will be released on mobile systems -via Erolabs– in the first quarter of 2022. A specific date has yet to be announced but we already know its subtitle options will include English.

NU:Carnival tells the story of a young sex toy maker called Eiden, who ends up in another world after finding a gemstone at his workplace. In a mysterious fantasy setting, he’s treated as the descendant of a hero of yore known as Huey. Now it’s up to him to unite forces with men of multiple elemental tribes to protect Klein Continent from the influence of evil spirits that resurfaced.

In order to bring harmony again to the world, his group will have to fight against monsters. However, part of saving the world also involves them getting down and dirty because of the magical properties of bodily fluids, a classic eroge excuse we all know and love.

The newest character to get a trailer, Quincy, is another important character coming from the Wood Territory, just like the previous one, Kuya. However, while Kuya is revered by the beasts, Quincy is shunned by the forest tribes as a dangerous man since he has too much essence.

For that reason, Quincy has learned to live alone in the wild and made a small ferret friend who keeps him company at all times. Due to having spent so much time alone, he feels like interacting with other people is an unnecessary trouble and spends long times resting, disregarding other people entirely.

Based on the video’s voice clips, his initial take on the protagonist is cold and a little stern. He complains about how Eiden should have just gone home. However, at a certain point of the video, he reveals that as much as he feels the interactions with the player character are troublesome, he doesn’t actually dislike them so much. His voice actor is called Oshima Tetsu.

We’ll keep you updated as more information on NU:Carnival is revealed by Infinity Alpha and SGArts.

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