Mobile BL Game ‘NU:Carnival’ Launches This Week

Through the game’s official Twitter account, the developer Infinity Alpha and publisher SGArts have announced the release date for NU:Carnival. The 18+ BL RPG will be available on mobile systems -via Erolabs- on February 24, 2022 including English as one of the title’s languages. With only three days left for the release, the company is currently doing a countdown with promotional art.

NU:Carnival tells the story of a young sex toy maker called Eiden, who ends up in another world after finding a gemstone at his workplace. In a mysterious fantasy setting, he’s treated as the descendant of a hero of yore known as Huey. Now it’s up to him to unite forces with men of multiple elemental tribes to protect Klein Continent from the influence of evil spirits that resurfaced.

In order to bring harmony again to the world, his group will have to fight against monsters. However, part of saving the world also involves them getting down and dirty because of the magical properties of bodily fluids, a classic eroge excuse we all know and love.

For the last few weeks, the companies have shared some character trailers showing the guys who will get to have a more intimate experience with Aiden. Latest of them was the beast man Garu, who used to be a mythical wolf before getting a human physique. He’s a very pure, simple boy who used to live by himself in the unforgiving Dead Zone and ended up developing a second personality. His voice actor, Kuroi Isamu, was BUSTAFELLOWS’ Scarecrow.

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