MMORPG ‘Astellia’ Gets Steam Release Date and Details for Launch

Brunson E&A announced that their MMORPG Astellia will launch on Steam on January 30, the game initially launched on PC in September 2019.

The Steam launch of Astellia will feature the same content that is available in the standalone version of the game. Players can take part in the game’s PvP and PvE content as well as planned special events. Currently, the game is hosting a Dogavi Crescent Event which is a new dungeon that yields specific items. There’s also a Giant Spider Boss ready to fight in what is called the Pimpi Event.

Astellia is an MMORPG that offers a system that resembles classic titles. The game is set in a fantasy world known where Astellians are heroes blessed by the start to call upon magical allies known as Astels. Players will create a party and make their way through large dungeons, take on boss battles, and figure out their path through this story.

The developer adds that throughout 2020, they plan to release more updates, including a new champion, dungeons, events, equipment, and a new 12 player raid. The team is offering guild more content as well that will include a special guild arena where 64 players can fight against each other for dominance.

You can check out some screenshots below:

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