Fantasy Adventure ‘Minoria’ Gets PC Release Date

Dangen Entertainment announced that the Boomservice developed fantasy action-adventure game, Minoria will release on PC on August 27 for $19.99.

Minoria borrows a few elements from the developer’s previous game, Momodora, that fans will quickly notice. Minoria creator, rdein, has stated, “For the first time in many years, I started a game project set in a new universe. It felt like a breath of fresh air for me. With that said, Minoria does contain some similarities with my previous projects (especially Momodora’s latest installment, Reverie Under the Moonlight). I am proud of what we’ve been making for Minoria, and I hope you will enjoy the story and characters I’ve prepared this time around!”

Minoria features a fantasy story inspired by the history of medieval Europe. The game also has players utilize a visual aesthetic battle system fueled by the game hand-painted 2D art combined with cel-shaded characters.

During the story, players will meet sisters Semilla and Fran, missionaries in the Church’s service, as they journey to put a stop to witches who have been plaguing humanity. Players will need to master the game’s swordplay action abilities and skills of the characters as well as known when to dodge and parry heavy attacks.

You can watch the release date trailer below:

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