Classic Platformer ‘Ministry of Broadcast’ Announced for Nintendo Switch

PM Studios and acttil announced that the indie developed adventure Ministry of Broadcast will release on Nintendo Switch, the PC-via Steam release is scheduled for Q3 2019.

Ministry of Broadcast features retro cinematic platformers where players need to finely tune their running and jumping reflexes, which means that falling from heights will end in death. During the game, players have been imprisoned and to earn their freedom and reunite with their family, they’ll need to guide the game’s hero through a series of Arenas. However, these Arenas are under the watchful eye of the Regime.

Throughout the game, players will navigate their way through a decaying environment with an array of obstacles. Yes, the game has plenty of those classic platforming sections with lengthy drops and other life-threatening dangers.

Ministry of Broadcast doesn’t have a screen full of minimaps or HP bars, instead, players will need to look at the environment in order to receive their information. Things like hints and clues on how to progress through the Arenas are found in the world. This means that there will be some puzzle solving during sections where players might need to sacrifice an NPC or two in order to progress. The game’s story is described as comic mischief balanced with some heavy dystopian world themes.

You can watch the new Nintendo Switch trailer, showing gameplay, below:

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