Million Arthur: Arcana Blood’s PC Release in the West Has Attack Animation Altered

Square Enix released the 2D fighting game Million Arthur: Arcana Blood in the west on PC recently, but it seems like the publisher has altered one of the support character’s attack animation.

During a fight, players can execute an attack from a particular Support Kight character known as Nice Chinchin. During this attack, opponent characters would be punched in the growing in a comical way. This animation can be seen in the Japanese release on the PlayStation 4 version.

However, players have found that this animation has been removed in western Steam release and replaced with a pause on the attack that makes it seem like they are just getting punched in the chest or headbutted. This alteration seems strange considering this isn’t something that Steam typically cares about. At this time it’s unknown if Square Enix was required to change the animation in order to get their game on the platform.

This alteration is minor and doesn’t affect the gameplay in Million Arthur: Arcana Blood in any way, but fans seem to be upset with the change.

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is a fighting game based on a fiction Britain that is home to a million King Arthurs, each of them is striving to be the one true king. The game features 1v1 fighting modes and a roster of 13 playable fighters as well as 31 “Support Kight” summon characters who can assist players to add to their combo or get them out of a tough situation

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is available now on PC-via Steam.

You can view the animation below and compare it to the new PC version animation by @RydianJP:


Thanks, @0Redanimator0 for the tip.

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