The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Review – Loot to Your Heart’s Content on Mobile Devices

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Review – Loot to Your Heart’s Content on Mobile Devices

I’ve always been a believer in the idea that mobile gamers are still gamers at the end of the day. I’ve had plenty of fun experiences over the years with mobile games that range from super casual games like Angry Birds all the way to the hardcore competitive games like Vainglory or Fortnite. Ubisoft Paris manages to decently merge the casual and competitive feeling of gaming with their free-to-play mobile action-RPG The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot for iOS and Android.

The main campaign puts you in the shoes of a looter running around the world of Opulencia to collect thousands of weapons and armor held in different parts of the world. The adventure you go on boils down to slaying hordes of monsters and keepers of the loot to get what’s “rightfully” yours, including the empty throne. To do this, however, you end up having to fight chickens, skeletons, trolls, spiders, wizards, and more to progress through each stage. The campaign is straightforward, which is understandable because, well, it’s a mighty quest for epic loot.

Given that loot is the main draw here, you bet you’ll be picking up plenty of equipment across your journey. Every piece of equipment you can collect has a star tier indicating it’s overall power. Like with any good action-RPG, you can upgrade everything with materials you also gather during the game — and if you’re still lacking a bit in materials, there are special levels you can go to collect those items specifically.

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Combat gameplay is as simple as tapping to swing your weapon and swiping to roll away from incoming damage in the massive campaign mode. Easy, right? Surprisingly, it’s extremely satisfying swinging a weapon around to take down swarms of enemies, and it’s due to the fast-paced and fluid combat.

Foes don’t go down without a fight, though.  Sure, you may have some pretty awesome gear only a few levels in, but some of the baddies you fight REALLY hurt. For instance, once I got to act three, I was on the verge of death or actually even died multiple times. Luckily, I was able to use those special levels to collect upgrade materials to make my gear better. Even still, I’d barely make it out alive with a sliver of health. What makes it harder is, in order to completely 100 percent each level, you have to find all the chests in the level, kill every single enemy, and complete it in a short amount of time. All that said, Mighty Quest is undoubtedly a challenging quest to go through.

With any action-RPG games like this, there’s a ton of grinding to be expected. Because of this, I wasn’t overly frustrated considering the game does give you the opportunities to overcome those tougher enemies. Basically, you have to put the time in to slay and stay alive. However, I do feel some players may be inclined to use their actual money to buy chests to hopefully upgrade their character.

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I’m not a huge fan of a game being too difficult where players would get the feeling they’d have to pay in order to progress, though. Mighty Quest doesn’t overload your phone with notifications to buy stuff, but it’s still not fun to feel like you have to buy anything. But hey, if you do want the extra help, Mighty Quest even has a battle pass system that gives additional loot, gold, experience and more for the cost of a few bucks. Full disclosure: I chose to start buying gems when I was getting my face kicked in to get past level 3-8, but even with plenty of gems, I barely made it out with my life.

While the game’s mighty challenge factor may make some players frustrated, what all players will love the cartoony and vivid environments of each stage, just like I did. Heck, even the enemies are distinct and hilarious looking that also helps make each stage feel unique. What’s more is that there are plenty of dungeons, mountainsides, temples, and other kinds of environments to run through as you slay enemies — and all the loot you get looks great too.

Each loot piece has an elemental aspect like fire, ice, and so on. However, I can’t really tell the difference an element made against certain enemies. I’d either be one shotting them or I’d die immediately. For all I know, the elements are more for aesthetic value.

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Aside from the campaign, there’s a PVP Arena mode where you fight three other looters in real time. It’s a deathmatch style mode where the player with the most kills wins. I’ve found some of the games to be kind of cheap, however.

There were times where a player will just run around not engaging in a fight and wait for someone to be low enough to get the final blow and add a point to their score. Either that or their gear makes them so tanky they can just stand in a fight not attacking and will only attack as soon as someone is at low health. You can call that strategy, but I just call it cheese.

Fights don’t really grant any significant rewards, sadly, as you really only fight for rank points, keys to open chests, and bragging rights on the leaderboards. It’s unfortunate as there isn’t any indication of the end of season rewards like top tier loot. There isn’t even a guild system, which this game pretty much begs for. I have faith that the developer will implement this in the future, especially since Ubisoft, as a whole, has been able to completely turn around the state of certain games, such as Rainbow Six Siege. 

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All in all, Mighty Quest provides a solid action-RPG experience with rewards left and right. I’ve never even been stopped by the game’s energy system, thankfully, because of how energy rewards are given frequently to keep you playing for longer periods. To put it simply, the game is good mindless fun that still requires a bit of strategy. Knowing how to keep your equipment in top shape and when to roll out of a fight is the key in Mighty Quest.

Yes, the difficulty ramps up heavily in act three, but I feel that’s where there will be a separation of casual players who don’t mind not 100% completing every level and will keep going — versus players with a completionist mindset to make sure every level is 100% done. Herein lies the greatest strength within the game. Mighty Quest excels in bringing together casual and hardcore gameplay. The game is simple enough for casual players to enjoy every stage, while also deep enough for the more hardcore players who want to collect the best loot and achieve top rankings in PVP. Mighty Quest isn’t a one-and-done adventure, it’s a vast adventure with mighty loot to collect, and that’s why players will want to keep coming back to it.

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