Mighty Goose Review – Let the Goose Loose in Space

    Title: Mighty Goose
    Developer: Blastmode, MP2 Games
    Release Date: June 5, 2021
    Reviewed On: PC
    Publisher: Playism
    Genre: Run and Gun

Mighty Goose is an action platformer with run-and-gun systems. Developed by Blastmode and MP2 Games, this game has heavy inspirations from the Metal Slug franchise and a heavily armed goose protagonist for good measure. This experience offers a healthy dose of over-the-top 2D action that’s going to be hard to put down.

Mighty Goose takes its titular goose through multiple sci-fi-themed stages. As the player completes each stage, they will eventually have to face the big bad Void King. However, the story isn’t the real point of the game, as it doesn’t bother explaining what’s going on besides quick mission updates.

What truly matters is shooting everything that comes your way and avoiding the enemies’ hits as much as possible. The player has a health bar that allows them to take four hits before being killed. However, there’s an option for infinite lives, so even players who aren’t confident in their skills can just keep going until they are successful.

Mighty Goose 1

Stages are composed mostly of enemy formations, which may force players to keep fighting until the screen is cleared. Enemies can appear with shields or fly in to keep encounters hectic. Sometimes it’s also necessary to search for switches to open up doors or power up elevators, which can slow down the pacing of the stages.

When the player beats some enemies at specific points, it’s possible to obtain first aid kits and power-ups. It’s also possible to use gold coins obtained in the stage to buy power-ups and vehicles through the pause menu.

The power-ups consist of better weapons such as a rocket launcher, a Gatling gun, and a lightning laser. Just like with Metal Slug, acquiring them has an audio effect of a person saying their names out loud in a serious tone that just ends up sounding cheesy.

Mighty Goose 2

By defeating enemies quickly, players can increase their combo meter, filling their “Mighty Meter” tension gauge as well. When the gauge is full, it’s possible to transform, becoming an invincible goose with flames all around your head. Not only is it cool, but the attacks are powered up quite a bit with bigger explosions and generally improved reach for all power-ups, which become completely over-the-top.

During the more action-filled scenes, the game did slow down a bit. Every time I used the Mighty transformation, it happened and occasionally in the middle of battles. There are moments when a big goose face also appears on the left side of the screen, which can be a little distracting, but it sells the game’s comedy.

Mighty Goose 3

The vehicles are a cool feature, allowing the player to traverse areas using tanks, airplanes, and blade-wielding robots. Airplanes are used in areas that become similar to shoot’em ups. However, keep in mind that the base character has a dodge roll which allows it to be temporarily invincible to attacks, but some vehicles exchange that for bombs.

Before selecting a stage, the player can change their loadout in the armory. It’s possible to equip multiple skills with effects such as improving your speed or getting Mighty Meter points for dodging attacks. Each skill costs a certain amount of energy, making it necessary to carefully mix and match.

In the armory, you can pick a character’s special attack. By default, characters can honk, which is just noise without any effect. Advancing through the game will unlock bombs, an injection that instantly charges the Mighty Meter, and even a quick shield to reflect attacks by honking.

Mighty Goose 4

The loadout includes choosing an ally to partner up with who each has specific powers and effects. For instance, there’s a pig called Commander Vark who provides machinegun ammo to the player. However, other allies will be more effective in actual combat.

One weird aspect of the game was that it dismissed the chosen ally whenever I closed it. The game would also reset my position on the map, bringing me back to the start instead of keeping my location saved. I imagine this will be fixed eventually.

Mighty Goose 5

By the end of each area, performance is graded based on the number of deaths and kills, best combo, and clear time. There aren’t many stages, but they offer some difficulty, and aiming for the best score can take some time, especially after beating the game, when tougher versions of each stage are unlocked.

On the graphical side, the game is sprites-based, and it features a colorful palette. Combat fills the areas with bullets, particles, explosions, and bodies thrown around. Along with its responsive controls, it makes for a smooth experience all around.

Mighty Goose 6

Mighty Goose is a guns-blazing run-and-gunner that wears its Metal Slug inspiration on its sleeve. With hectic combat and a colorful design, it’s a fun action experience that knows how to use its comedy vein well. If you’ve ever felt the need to play as a powerful space goose, your prayers have been answered.

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