Midnight Struts Into My Hero One’s Justice 2

A new character has joined the cast of My Hero One’s Justice 2, and it’s none other than the alluring U.A. teacher and hero, Midnight.

Though Midnight’s inclusion was technically leaked early by Weekly Jump, it’s great to see her in action. Using her Quirk, Somnambulist, Midnight can put her opponents to sleep in the middle of a battle. She also uses whip attacks to keep foes at bay, making her a pretty unique fighter.

Midnight is the fourth character to be added to the game as part of Season Pass 2, after Hitoshi Shinso, fellow teacher Present Mic, and League of Villains member Kurogiri. Midnight is available for $4 individually, or as part of the $20 Season Pass. One character has yet to be revealed for the second Season pass, so we’ll have to wait to find out who this mysterious final combatant is.

If the Midnight trailer has peaked your interest, check out our video review of My Hero One’s Justice 2 below, as well as our full written review, where we say: “Overall, My Hero One’s Justice 2 will satisfy My Hero Academia superfans but will leave fighting game aficionados wanting more. Still, this is an improvement over its predecessor, but it certainly won’t be blowing anyone away.”

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Spencer Legacy

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