Microsoft Expands Repairability to Xbox Controllers

Console repairs have always been relegated to official support, where customers need to call tech support and go through some steps before users need to send their console in for repairs. With controllers, a failure would usually lead to the consumer buying a whole new one instead of any sort of repairs. Well, Microsoft has started selling parts for both the standard and Elite series of Xbox controllers.

Prices range from $23.99 for button sets to $59.99 for a replacement PCBA and motor assembly. Standard controllers will see a significant reduction in price ranging from $19.99 for a new top case and $29.99 for the PCBA and motor. Microsoft is releasing official video tutorials for those less experienced in repair to ensure anyone can repair their controllers.

This push creates a new precedent for companies to allow customers to repair their electronics by themselves, saving users money and opening up the controller modding community to a more official position. Microsoft started this initiative for their Surface tablet devices, it is currently unclear whether this will extend to Xbox Series X|S consoles, but this is a great step forward to getting power back to the consumer.

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