Physics-Based Grapple Hook Metroidvania ‘Rusted Moss’ Final Steam Demo Available; New Update Ahead of February 2023 Launch

Publisher Playism has announced that the physics-based grapple hook Metroidvania by developers by faxdoc, happysquared, and sunnydaze, Rusted Moss, has received its final Steam demo with saved data transferable to the title’s full launch on February 2023.

The new update also features an updated localization in multiple languages, an updated UI and main menu screen, as well as additional assets and enhanced polish. This game was initially announced during Tokyo Game Show 2022.

Throughout this title, platforming and combat are performed with a full 360-degree aiming system, allowing inestimable freedom. Further, because of the physics-based momentum, the mechanics are intuitive but difficult to master.

Humanity is on the brink of collapse, and a faerie invasion is arriving. So, for the sake of survival, they empowered their own witches with Fae magic. However, the protagonist, Fern, is a changeling who was raised by human parents. She seeks to end the Age of Men and return Fae to the world with the help of a shadow named Puck.

A list summating this game’s features is viewable below:

  • 20+ unique abilities to find
  • Customizable strategy and gameplay
  • 6+ challenging bosses to defeat
  • 8 distinct weapons to find
  • Multiple endings
  • Interact humans and fae folk trying to find their way through the world to learn their stories
  • Uncover lost shrines and abandoned computer stations to learn about old secrets and forgotten
  • Beautifully melancholic pixel art – A retro vibe with a modern aesthetic, the world of Rusted Moss comes alive with moody pixels and stylish animation

You can view the Tokyo Game Show 2022 trailer for Rusted Moss below:

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