Metroid Dread Staff Members Reveal They Have Been Excluded From Game’s Credits

Metroid Dread Staff Members Reveal They Have Been Excluded From Game’s Credits

Following the release of the highly-anticipated newest 2D entry in the Metroid franchise, Metroid Dread, former staff members of the developer MercurySteam have revealed that they are not included in the game’s credits despite having elements of their work present in the final product.

Firstly, 3D artist Roberto Mejías provided the following statement on his Linkedin page (spaced differently for better readability):

“I would like to sincerely congratulate the Metroid Dread team for putting out such an outstanding game. I’m not surprised of the quality of the game though, since the amount of talent on that team was through the roof. I know this first hand because, despite not being included on the game’s credits, I was part of that team for for eight months.”

“While playing the game, I’ve recognized quite a few assets and environments I worked on… so my work is there. Then, I would like to ask MercurySteam: Why do I not appear on the game’s credits? Is it some kind of mistake? I would really appreciate having some answer to this. Thank you in advance. Again: CONGRATS, TEAM!”

Additionally, the website Vandal investigated the matter and received statements from other staff members who were not credited. They even contacted MercurySteam themselves with the developer stating that staff members must have been working on the game for at least 25% of its development time to be included in the credits, not counting for “exceptional contributions.” MercurySteam’s practices were a subject of discontent among employees for years as well.

You can read this report in its entirety on Vandal’s website.

Thanks to Nintendo Life for bringing attention to this issue.

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