Visual Novel ‘Meteor World Actor’ Gets Surprise English Launch on PC

Publisher ShiraVN has announced that Meteor World Actor is now available on PC-via Johren.

Meteor World Actor is a visual novel developed by Heliodor originally released in Japan in 2019, with an English release originally planned for Steam. However, the game received a ban in Valve’s storefront before it was announced, meaning that it was up to the publisher to figure out a new way to release the game in the west.

Meteor World Actor takes place in the Seventh Republic, a place where humans and elves live together. Despite how the protagonist, Detective Ruka of the 13th Division, only wants to slack off, he is forced to act serious when assigned a new partner, the elf cop Claris.

His investigations will lead him to work with an assortment of women, some of which he’ll have the chance to get more intimate with. This includes his new kouhai, the always-hungry segitt Chiffon, the friendly policewoman Komachi and the exiled Mell. The story is approximately 30 hours long from writer Syougo Kinugasa.

The English version includes all sex scenes from the original Japanese release, and it’s currently 50% off.

Check the stylish opening below, which features the song “Blue Moon” by Daisy x Daisy along with some screenshots:

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