Action Rogue-Like ‘Metallic Child’ Confirms Early 2021 on Steam Page With a Batch New Screenshots

Studio HG has launched the Steam page for their action rogue-like Metallic Child, coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via Steam in Spring 2021.

The page pretty much reinforces the developer’s Q1 2021 release window, but the more significant update we want to share is the screenshots. Through these, we get a frozen look at the UI and characters and some of the environments and action systems. The game will launch with English subtitles and Japanese and Korean audio options.

Metallic Child tells the story of an android named Rona, which is discovered in the game’s beginning parts. It’s up to the player to help Rona escape her prison by defeating everything in her way. This is a meta-fiction story established through dialogue between Rona and her Metallic Child, a mech that can be upgraded and accessed during the game in dungeons.

There are four different combat styles and more than 50 weapons with their own skillsets to fit the player’s playstyle. Rona is also able to consume the cores of enemies and use them to strengthen herself. The game has similar controls to a fighting game, which has combinations of inputs using High, Low Attack, and Grappling skills.

The developer, a one-person game studio, released a new gameplay trailer to show players the updates and changes that have been made to the game’s battle system. The trailer also gives players a chance to see some of Rona’s other abilities and some of the bosses.

You can see the new screenshots below:

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