Metal Unit Developer Comments on Character Designs, Future DLC, and the Possibility of Bathing Suits

In early February, Neowiz and developer Jellysnow launched Metal Unit into Steam Early Access. The 2D action game had quickly grabbed our attention with its character design and systems.

Some players might be wondering about the future of the game, outside of balancing and system updates. So we decided to ask Jellysnow founder Felix Soumpholphakdy about potential DLC they might be working on. Soumpholphakdy let us know, “People have been asking for skins for the Metal Units, so for sure, on that and maybe even the plug suits too if we figure how to do something like that.” He continues, “We think that in the DLC, you can play as Joanna’s sister, who will pilot something new.”

Knowing us, we asked if they’d ever lean into the possibility of bathing suit DLC, to which Soumpholphakdy said laughing, “We already have beach balls in the game and a secret level that we are implementing called Wonderland, where things out of context can happen. Perhaps, that’s where we can put the Swimsuits.”

The developer mentioned that the team takes inspiration from Evangelion and Gantz, which is what their character’s plug suits are modeled after. Soumpholphakdy mentions, “We set out to create memorable characters, which we don’t always get out of roguelikes. This ties into our approach to telling a good story and have lots of waifus who pilot different Metal Units.”

Now, Metal Unit isn’t all about fan service, the game contains fast 2D action with roguelike elements. The developer is creating a narrative in this world where players can take control of twelve Metal Units, four of which have been revealed so far.

The story focuses on the main character, Joanna, as she heads out on her mission to get revenge on her sister who took up arms with alien invaders. Throughout the story, Joanna will uncover the truth about the world they line in.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the full interview with Jellysnow later this week.

Metal Unit is available now on Steam Early Access, with an official launch summer 2020.

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