Metal Slug Mobile Gameplay Shows a Lack of Personality, but Still Looks Fun (I Guess)

TiMi Studio Group has launched a trailer revealing gameplay from Metal Slug on mobile devices at a future date.

The gameplay highlights how players will navigate the environments that feature multiple routes and ways to get to the end boss. There are many similarities between the arcade Metal Slug and this new mobile entry, but some features stick out.

The design resembles more modern (and probably cheaper) character models. The cartoonish designs don’t carry the same aesthetic as their pixel counterparts and instead resemble a design choice we’re seeing implemented more as retro games make a comeback. The animations are still great to see, as we get the chance to witness some transformation, but there is a strange lack of gore when a character is shot.

Still, Metal Slug is all about gameplay, and it looks like Metal Slug on mobile has what it takes to be a proper entry in the series. It appears to be fast, hectic, and insane, and sometimes that’s all I want from a Metal Slug experience. Still, I’m not looking forward to seeing ways of monetization, and I’m not totally a fan of the traversal platforming and character upgrades such as double jump.

While I don’t mind a Metal Slug on mobile, I hope we aren’t forgetting about the series and receive a proper entry in the future.

You can watch the gameplay below:

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