Metal Max Series Will Continue As Console Titles; New RPG Will Appeal to Fans & Newcomers

In an article by Japanese outlet 4Gamer comprising end-of-the-year comments from numerous developers, the director of the Metal Max series Hiroshi Miyaoka was asked a series of questions consisting of his aspiration towards the series, and in the last question, he stated an interesting fact, which I’ve decided to translate:

4Gamer: Question 4. What are your ambitions for 2023, and what is your message to 4Gamer readers?

Hiroshi Miyaoka: As many of you already know, the Metal Max series is officially under new ownership by Cygames. Furthermore, I’m also involved in the series’ reboot as a director affiliated with the company.

At this point, I can say that Metal Max will continue to be a console title and that it is about to be reborn as an RPG that will appeal not only to fans of past Metal Max games but also to many people who have yet to discover the series. It will just take me a little more time for us to reveal a more concrete plan, but I hope you’ll continue to support the Metal Max series and Cygames!

The key point here is that the series will continue to be limited to console because one of the primary speculations I’ve had was that Cygames would perhaps release a mobile version of Metal Max to test the waters after the cancellation of Metal Max: Wild West, which was the sequel to Metal Max: Xeno Reborn.

It is reassuring that the series will continue to live on as console experiences, even if I didn’t mind a mobile game to garner some attention to the IP.

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