Metal: Hellsinger Revealed in New Trailer That Blends FPS and Rhythm Mechanics

During IGN Summer of Games livestream, Funcom announced that they will publish The Outsiders-developed FPS action game, Metal: Hellsinger, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC-via Steam in 2021.

Metal: Hellsinger appears to resemble other first-person shooters like DOOM, where players can freely move around arenas as they defeat waves of enemies. The game is said to blend FPS and rhythm mechanics fueled by a metal soundtrack that the developers feel creates and “unique gaming experience.” Still, the resemblance to DOOM is uncanny as a few of the abilities such as grappling hook and exploding enemies. It’s also tough to look past the metal themes of the game.

The rhythm elements of the game feature a tempo where players can time their attacks and actions to the music. By executing actions at the correct time, players can build their combos and cause significant damage to enemies. The game lets you know your beat streak, and you will also get a higher score by keeping in tune with the music. The scores are then displayed on leaderboards, but the gameplay does follow a campaign that takes place in hell. Where a character is known as “The Unkown” invade hell on a quest for revenge.

You can watch the trailer and interview below:

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