Melty Blood: Type Lumina Updated on PS4 & Steam; Patch Notes Feature Countless Battle & System Alterations

Type-Moon and French-Bread have announced that their 2D fighter Melty Blood: Type Lumina has been updated on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4. The Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions of the title will receive concrete timing on their implementation of this update in the near future.

The game’s official Steam page lists the following condensed version of the patch notes:

We have made bug fixes and adjustments to the battle system as follows.

  • Shield Counter
    A bug has been fixed in which shield counters could not be performed during a successful shield attack if the opponent’s Moon Drive or EX Special Move was performed in a screen freeze state.
  • Clash Frame
    Fixed an issue where the opponent’s Moon Drive or EX Special Move would sometimes be treated as an invincible move if it was performed during a Clash Frame move.

Changes outside of the battle system.

  • Network Mode
    The categorization of simple messages in player matches has been made more detailed, making it easier to select frequently used messages.
  • Training Mode
    Moon icon settings can now be set separately for 1P and 2P.
  • Customize Mode
    New items have been added to titles.

You can view the full patch notes for version 1.43 of Melty Blood: Type Lumina below:


The full broadcast where this patch was announced is below:

Melty Blood: Type Lumina is a fighting game series that started as a doujin game back in 2002. It is developed as a collaboration between Type-Moon (TsukihimeFate/Stay Night) and French-Bread. (Under Night In-BirthDengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax)

This newest entry in the series is based on the recent Japan-exclusive remake of Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon. As such, this title acts as a reboot for the fighting series, including HD environments and upgraded visuals reflecting the remake of the visual novel. In addition, French-Bread has also rebuilt the battle system to include multiple combos that can be pulled even by newcomers.

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Melty Blood: Type Lumina is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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