Obscure Mega Man X Footage Reveals Unused Maverick

Despite being such a widely known classic, it seems that there are still secrets surrounding the initiating title of the Mega Man X subseries. Recently, prominent Mega Man fan Prototude shared a decade-old Youtube clip he found of the program GamePro TV. And in this video, slight footage of an early Mega Man X build is shown, sharing a menacing, unused Maverick portrait and sprite. For those unaware of Mega Man X, Mavericks are boss battles throughout the series, akin to the classic Mega Man series’ Robot Masters.

It’s difficult to entirely make out what this Maverick’s design is, but fans have been eagerly providing their own insights based on what they have gleaned. Some believe that it’s an early Maverick housing several elements of finalized ones.


Thanks to Protodude for sharing this noteworthy discovery and view his thoughts on the matter.

You can view the developmental build footage of Mega Man X housing this unused Maverick below (timestamped):


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