Mega Man 11 Sells 1.4 Million Units Worldwide; Finally Surpassing Mega Man Battle Network 4

The listing of Capcom titles on the developer’s Japanese website that have sold at least 1 million copies states that the latest mainline Mega Man series entry, Mega Man 11, has sold over 1.4 million units as of June 2021. The title was revealed to have sold around 1.3 million units late last year, so these updated numbers show that momentum for the “Blue Bomber’s” most recent outing has not yet halted.

Additionally, these updated sales numbers now solidify Mega Man 11 as a higher selling title than Mega Man Battle Network 4, which boasts a sales figure of roughly 1.35 million units. This is rather noteworthy and welcome news since, with Mega Man 11 being the most recent mainline entry, its success is paramount to the franchise steadily growing beyond the foreseeable future.

I believe the game is deserving of this success, as I find it to be one of the more enjoyable releases of the series thanks to its satisfactory mix of the classic Mega Man gameplay formula with neat enhancements and additions like the addictive Double Gear System.

While I would rather see a Mega Man Battle Network collection or maybe even a new Mega Man X, I don’t see the appeal of classic Mega Man ever fading.

Thanks to Protodude on Twitter for sharing this news.

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