Turn-Based RPG ‘Mechajammer’ Launches on Steam Today; Trailer Highlights New Gameplay

Modern Wolf has launched the Whalenought Studios-developed turn-based RPG Mechajammer on PC-via Steam. The game will be officially available at 9 am PT on the platform.

Further, the publisher released a new trailer to show off the gameplay of the dystopian cyberpunk world. The term cyberpunk is often met with skepticism due to a few entries in the genre that didn’t present too well, but this team seems to have a grounded idea of what they want their game to be.

Mechajammer features systems with roots to tabletop games where players will experience a more immersive sim as they can choose from various paths and ways to handle situations. Stealth is an option, but there are also party-based combat features where players can interrupt actions and strategically take out enemies.

During combat, players will need to strategize their approach and use the systems to their advantage. Utilizing the cover mechanic can save them some HP, but flanking is also an option. Players will need to read the room and choose whatever they think is right. This is probably the best part of a turn-based game as you have some time to think about your next actions to limit missteps.

Currently, there’s a free demo available for Mechajammer on Steam.

You can watch the gameplay trailer below:

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