Detective Visual Novel ‘Master Magistrate’ Gets Full Release Window and New Update

Detective Visual Novel ‘Master Magistrate’ Gets Full Release Window and New Update

ShiraVN announced that the Hobibox-developed detective visual novel, Master Magistrate, will officially launch on PC-via Steam in May 2020.

Currently, the game is in Early Access on Steam as the publisher released updates of new chapters as they are finished. This early version of the game is localized up through chapter three. Before the fourth (final) chapter releases, the team plans to role out UI updates and a short bonus scenario chapter. In the newest update to the game’s Early Access version, players will find a refined Chapter Select screen and a special pre-order scenario from the Japanese version.

Master Magistrate has players assume the role of a magistrate, to which they must uphold the law at all costs. During gameplay, a crime will be discovered to which they have to investigate a scene and question possible suspects until they’ve uncovered the truth. The game loop revolves around the story, investigate, questioning, and then the judgement.

The game features over 150 CG events and over 40 original songs. Each chapter introduces a new case that brings the game’s runtime to over 20 hours. Additionally, the game is fully voice acted in Japanese.

The developer will raise the price after the game exits Early Access.

In case you missed it, check out our preview of the game, which you can watch below:

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