Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Protagonist Will Have Different Partners Each Chapter

The Japanese site Famitsu recently interviewed the writer of the upcoming Spike Chunsoft mystery adventure Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, Kazutaka Kodaka, following the outlet’s preview of the game’s first chapter.

One exchange concerns the overall chapter structure, and the type of company players can expect the protagonist Yuma to have throughout the title’s duration. As it turns out, he’ll have a different partner across each chapter, with their abilities being crucial in solving their respective cases.

Our team’s Ryuji translated the following passage:

Interviewer: In Chapter 1, Yuma gets help from Halara. Does the partner that Yuma tags along with always change in each chapter?

Kodaka: Yes, in each chapter, he’ll have a different partner, usually someone whose ability will be vital to solving the case. In Chapter 1’s case, Halara’s ability is essential to solving it. However, communication with other detectives is also possible. 

By teaming up with a different detective in every chapter, you’ll be using different investigation methods, and you can also enjoy new interactions between Yuma, Shinigami, and the detectives.

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Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE has players control an amnesiac detective who is followed by a Shinigami and solve cases by examining crime scenes and evidence. The Shinigami will create a realm connecting the crime scene to the truth. Mystery Phantoms will try to impede your progress, and defeating them by utilizing the truth is the only way to go.

The gameplay comprises exploration throughout the Kanai Ward, which is entirely 3D. Players will have to examine several crime scenes and other locations alongside interviewing involved parties. Hidden clues are emphasized as being hidden via specific camera angles.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE will launch for Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2023.

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