Massive Multiplayer Creature-Collection Title ‘Temtem’ Cipanku Island Update Now Available

Humble Games has revealed new information regarding their latest and most significant update for their massive multiplayer creature-collection title, Temtem. This newest update allows players to access Cipanku Island, an area where tradition and technology converge under an electrical/digital skin.

Cipanku Island is the first area to have Digital Temtem, a rare Temtem type that humans created in the Nanto laboratories. These Tems have their own slew of new and exclusive Traits and Techniques while also being the first type of Tems to be weak to themselves. Additionally, Digital Tems are strong against Mental, Melee, and Digital types and are weak to Water, Electric, and Digital types. They’re also resistant to Toxic types.

Mythical Temtems are now available which reside in new areas called Lairs. Lairs consist of 2-5 players (with 5 being the recommended amount) traverse throughout their own paths to receive chances to capture the legendary Mythical Temtem. All resources are shared during these ventures, so resource management among group members is vital for success.

A sidequest in the city of Neoedo will finally grant players the ability to teleport for a fee. This allows instant travel between any hotspots on the Archipelago, though teleports to any Narwhal airport are free.

You can view the trailer showcasing this newest update below:

Temtem is currently available to play on PlayStation 5 and Steam.

You can read more details about this update on PlayStation Blog.

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