Masahiro Sakurai Would “Love” Kid Icarus: Uprising on Bigger Screens, But Says Crafting a Follow-Up Seems Difficult Without Dedicated Team

Masahiro Sakurai recently posted a new video on his official YouTube channel, discussing the game concepts and mechanics of the 3DS game Kid Icarus: Uprising. This revival of the Kid Icarus IP was simultaneously unexpected and thrilling, breathing new life into these classic characters.

Sakurai’s newest video is a pretty intriguing watch, providing insight into the sheer uniqueness of this ambitious outing. Every facet, from the gameplay tools to the platform’s portability, is discussed, making me appreciate this title even more.

However, the end of the video is especially noteworthy since Sakurai stated the following:

“It’s a shame that it’s only lived on the 3DS, as I’d love to play a bigger screen with smoother graphics, but without a team to work on it, crafting a follow-up seems difficult.”

The notion of Kid Icarus: Uprising getting a sort of sequel/remake for the Switch is not new, but it’s never been more apparent how much Sakurai truly loves this game. And after having played it a few years ago, I can certainly see why.

It’s one of those few titles that take advantage of its platform’s features in a mostly non-intrusive, inventive way. Even though the controls have a steep learning curve, Uprising is undeniably one of the most unique video game experiences you can have.

Hopefully, we at least see a remake or sequel make its way to the Switch, even if I’m not entirely sure how one would adequately transfer over the gameplay properties to a new console.

You can view Sakurai’s discussion on Kid Icarus: Uprising below:

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