Masahiro Sakurai Was the Eighth Person to Complete Classic Falcom RPG, Xanadu

Masahiro Sakurai Was the Eighth Person to Complete Classic Falcom RPG, Xanadu

Nihon Falcom is well-known for modern Ys and Trails, but the developer’s catalog stretches much further back with games like the Gagharv trilogy, Dragon Slayer, and Xanadu.

Also known as Xanadu: Dragon Slayer II, this title was influential and incredibly popular title at the time of its initial 1985 release, selling roughly 400,000 units in Japan alone. This feat is especially notable given its platform being PC.

A version of the game, EGGCONSOLE XANADU PC-8801 PC-8801mkIISR, was launched for the Switch today, even in the West.

Interestingly, prominent creator Masahiro Sakurai, known for Kirby and the Super Smash Bros. series, recently posted a tweet informing his followers about how the title is available on the Switch today. And alongside this announcement, he posted an image of a 38-year-old photo, showcasing a copy of the original Xanadu having a proof of completion card.

This is significant because the card says “00008,” showing that Masahiro Sakurai was the eighth person in the world to have completed the original Xanadu.

Sakurai previously revealed that he was a fan of Falcom’s works, with one of his YouTube videos discussing Ys. However, it seems he was an even bigger fan than we realized.

Sakurai’s tweet says the following, translated by our team’s Ryuji:

“Xanadu can now be played on Nintendo Switch! I never thought such a time would come. This photo was taken about 38 years ago.”

You can view Sakurai’s copy of the original Xanadu below:

sakurai xanadu

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