Mary Skelter Finale eShop Page Opens Up; Check Out Some Screenshots and DLC Details on the Switch and PS4 RPG

Idea Factory International has opened up the Mary Skelter Finale eShop page ahead of the Switch and PS4 RPG’s release on September 30, 2021. The game will have both digital and physical releases for both systems, as well as a limited edition. Along with the store page, the company has shared some new screenshots and details about the content that’ll be available individually as DLC.

Mary Skelter Finale is the heartwrenching conclusion to the twisted saga created by Compile Heart. It takes place after the events of the true endings of Mary Skelter: Nightmares and Mary Skelter 2, showing an even harsher reality to Jack and the Blood Maidens who survived Jail’s tribulations and dared to escape its clutches.

In the new game, the main characters encounter a group of antagonists called Massacre Pink along with a sea of blood and corpses. As they face this hopeless situation, despair builds up and the group’s unity is broken. They separate into six parties and it’s up to the player to guide them to a devouring Jail in the sky that may be the key to ending everything. Changing between parties using the zapping system will be necessary to advance the story.

Mary Skelter Finale will also include the spin-off romantic comedy spin-off Mary Skelter: Locked Up In Love, which was originally a pre-order bonus for Mary Skelter 2 in Japan. It features Jack and the Blood Maidens interacting in a high-school setting and those who confess their feelings to a beloved one are rumored to be able to escape Jail Tower. Recaps of the first two games are also included.

Interestingly, the store page opening also reveals more details on its downloadable contents. Six job sets are listed, adding extra classes that change characters’ visuals. There are spa towels for Mary and Charlotte, kitty sweaters for Thumbellina and Gretel, T-Healer black shirts for Rapunzel and Little Mermaid, R-Clown winged red shirts for Cinderella and Snow White, JO-Singer uniforms for Red Riding Hood and Kaguya, and a school uniform for Pyre.

The Grand Finale Bundle DLC is a lot more packed, however. First of all, it adds Mary Skelter: Locked Up In Love – True End, which is pretty much swimsuit dates with the girls. It also includes jobs, such as Death end re;Quest (and 2) Attires, Swimsuit Sets, T-Healer, G-Assassin, Jo-Singer, Kitty Sweater, Magician, and Sakura Maiden. Some consumables and equipment are also included, and Purification CGs will also be added to the gallery.

Besides the new info, the company has also shared some English screenshots of Mary Skelter Finale. Check them out:

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