Mary Skelter Finale Details Battle System and Introduces Mary and Charlotte in New Screenshots

Mary Skelter Finale Details Battle System and Introduces Mary and Charlotte in New Screenshots

Idea Factory International released new screenshots and details for their upcoming dungeon-crawler RPG Mary Skelter Finale, coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on September 30, 2021.

First off, players get an introduction to Mary’s party, a group of characters that players will interact with alongside Jack’s party. First off, we meet Mary, A girl with no presence who was raised in the Liberated District and lived there at the same time as Jack and Alice and Charlotte, A mysterious girl who lived with Mary in the Liberated District. For some reason, she seems intimately familiar with Jack and the Blood Maidens, aware of secrets only they would know.

Additionally, new details for the battle system were explained. Battles use a turn-based system with a part of up to 5 Blood Maidens. Players will need to determine an enemy’s weak point to get the most out of attacks. Further, the more blood that splatters, the stronger the Blood Maidens become. When a Blood Maiden’s blood meter gauge fills, it can unlock their Massacre Mode or Blood Skelter Mode.

When enemies splatter enough blood, they will spin around and face the other direction, activating Kagome-Kagome! The enemies are defenseless when turned around, meaning players can deal massive damage with their party and increase the amount of blood splattered by foes.

When a character cuts in at the start of your turn, that means there’s a chance for a critical attack! Critical Notice attacks come in tiers. The higher the level, the more your attacks and effects compound.

Critical will only apply to “Attack” options, meaning fans will have to decide between “Attack” or “Recovery” when the time calls for it.

Mary Skelter Finale is the third entry of the Mary Skelter series, bringing the Blood Maidens through a new fight after the twists of the previous story’s True Ending. The game promises the ending of the jailbreak drama by putting all of the characters against a new menace of a devouring Jail floating in the sky, with beings called Massacre Pink who smile in the seas of blood on the surface. It also includes recaps of the first two games.

Mary Skelter Locked Up In Love was initially released as a pre-order bonus for the Japanese release of Mary Skelter 2 in Japan. The game is set in a high-school setting where the main protagonist Jack interacts with the Blood Maidens from the series and presumably falls in love with one of them. Characters attending Blood High and retain their abilities. The story revolves around rumors that those who confess their feelings are able to escape the living Jail Tower.

You can check out the screenshots below:

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